Wednesday, July 11, 2007


20InchWestVanBomb last night.
Cassettes no longer sound like rotaries, more like high speed tinnitis.
Elevation drop to make the ears pop.
Ambleside senior reminds us about signage.
Little bikes rocking, we pull on commuters going over the bridge.
Gravity bomb through Stanley park has us perfecting tuck stability.
A drunkfight breaks out at English bay, spills onto Pacific, then trudges along, and keeps going, we watch from the shade.
We hit Sinclair Centre bank for some rollback tech, too drunk to fuf.
South on Carrall, I hoon gap the safety tape.
We make our way up to Granview to see the Polo people in fine form, and get our donair on.
Sailor has us manual jousting for his entertainment.
We're fighting it.
We're done.


midnightsimon said...

heh, rad! bmx bombin

There are some decent hills here adjacent to barcelona that would be wicked for bombing - they even have tram service similar to the portland max....

maybe I should try and find a mini.

morgman said...

Finding a place to stay would probably be my first priority, but a mini would definitely be next on the list!