Friday, July 20, 2007

Dear BMW clownshoe guy,

Thank you for educating me on the dangers of riding in traffic.

I appreciate that you brake check me, after honking, after swerving into my lane without signalling. I also appreciate you taking a picture of me giving you a 'thumbs up' at the next light.

"I ride a bike too, but I don't kill myself! You can't go flying up the centre like that! You're lucky I didn't kill you!"

You're right, I am lucky you (and the 5000 other cars I've been in close proximity with today) didn't kill me. As for 'Flying up the centre', You were the one who was changing lanes from left to right without shoulder checking or signaling. I was occupying the left side of the parallel parking lane for the past 3 blocks. Did you not notice that you JUST barely passed me before that occurred?

I guess not.

I'm glad I was still with your clownshoe at 1st and Victoria, so I could mention that I drive a car too, but I go 30 through playground zones and signal my lane changes.

I hope you enjoy jerking off to my picture tonight, and may your clownshoe bring you true love.

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Camilo said...

i love you.