Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Accidentally the Whole Crankarm

Three weeks ago, Nick had a rim blowout due to brake wear. In the meantime—and I do really mean meantime, as Nick takes a very long time to make decisions—I lent him the Sekine Machine. Tonight, he accidentally the whole crankarm. The story:

"We were racing up Quebec, and it went ping on my first pedal stroke off the Broadway light. Then we stood on the corner laughing for about 15min. Jen said it was one of the funniest things she's ever seen.

Sorry Morgan. =-( At least it gave its life to a hilarious cause."

Well, I think it's just awesome. Just the other night in Lyle's shop I was saying how great it was that this bike that I've owned for almost five years is getting thrashed by yet another member of ProjB. (Lyle rode it for a bit after he broke his Bianchi.)

Next up, Nick will give us feedback on what 175mm cranks feel like on a single speeder as opposed to the 170s he just broke.

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Cruiz said...

proof that he can hustle.