Monday, December 20, 2010

Burnaby 4-Day

Next week (Dec. 27-30) will be the Burnaby 4-Day track race. This is possibly the biggest race the BVC has ever hosted with several international PRO level racers coming out. Tyler Farrar (Garmin/Transitions & ranked 9th in 2010s UCI rankings):

Christian Meier (Garmin/Transitions):

Zach Bell (World Championships silver medallist):

Tara Whitten (Current Omnium & Points race World Champion):

Svein Tuft (Former Garmin/Transitions, now Team Spidertech):

...and Sarah Hammer (Two-time track world champion):

There will also be plenty of racing on an amateur level in the A, B & C categories which will be just as good to watch (just not as fast) while the PRO's are taking a break.

The house lights are being turned off and it's going to be all Euro-disco styles with a bunch of kegs kicking around. Party time at the track. Check here for party times.

I'll be there on the final two days working as a commissaire/track nazi. Call me what you will but who wouldn't want to get close to all that spandy-pants ass?

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morgman said...

Maybe because I just woke up, I can't see it, but the Dirtbag/Courier races don't appear to be on the schedule. Halp?