Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MTBville Bobsled Shredit

Here's a video from local bro Ross Measures of This one isn't up on mtbville yet, but there is definitely some content worth looking at. The video is also hosted ad-free on vimeo if you'd prefer to watch it there, but I will respect Ross' wishes to have embedding link back to vital so you can watch an ad.

Geoff Gulevich sure does rip it up. Next time you're up on Bobsled--which seems to be about 9/10 times on Fromme lately--it's time to start manualing those whoops! The high speed truckin' on Indian River Drive doesn't quite capture the stomach-in-throat feeling of being there, but I know the spot well!

Video: Geoff Gulevich on Home Turf - More Mountain Bike Videos

EDIT: vital embedding appears to not be working, go to vimeo to watch it...

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