Monday, September 27, 2010

Suitably nerdy

Some super nerdy reading for you.

I've updated Vallie components, and published an article on the torque testing of some M5 bolts.

I've also found this really interesting article on chain wear measurement.

I also found out about Civia Cycle's Halstead cycletruck:

Yeah.. I pretty much spend my time online looking at pages like this.

...and who can forget the 'stringbike'. We had an interesting fellow come into the shop the other day and tell us about it. I had previously read the article and seen the animations, so I knew what he was talking about.. but it was super funny to hear his strange Hungarian pride when telling me of it.

Okay.. back to work.


mander said...

I definitely thought of you when i saw that Halstead a couple weeks ago Lyle. Scooped... damn! Their other frame designs are pretty neat too.

mander said...

PS Hey Lyle, speaking of nerdery I still have a Euro-Superflash for you that i forgot to give you in nyc.