Thursday, August 06, 2009

Worst Blog Ever!

I'm pretty much the worst blogger ever lately. Hell, I hardly even blogged my trip across the USA. I couldn't blog a common cold. I couldn't blog the blog side of a barn if it was a common cold. If there was an award for either being the worst blogger ever, or having the worst blog ever, I wouldn't even win.

I have an excuse though!. I've been driving a van. Living in a Van! (sung to Aerosmith's "Livin on the Edge") Yeah. Thats me in the creepy rusty white contractor van with the bed in the back. I'm cutting off other vehicles like I have some sort of steel exoskeleton! EXPLOSIONS!

Meanwhile my bikes are collecting dust. I recently made a trip to the Kootenays where I found my once beloved kitten chopper hanging by rope in my father's car port. I cut it down, wiped off the year of saw dust, and strapped it to the roof of my luxurious Recreational Vehicle (RV). I also rescued my Cunningham from its carbonite like encasement of basement dust.

Anyways, Thats my excuse. I've had a lot going on in my life the past couple months. Things outside of rigid TCP/IP protocol confinement. I'm only in Vancouver for a week right now before I head up to Quadra. I'm off to see the wizard, so to speak. I don't really speak like that, but I'll type it just this once. Sam Whittingham is taking a chance and hiring me for some production help on a cyclocross team bike build. Basically I'm gonna try and kaizen his frame business, and learn how to build bikes at the same time. I'm also going to live in my van some more, and learn the ways of the Island. From what I hear this involves a whole lot of rad, much ado about chilling, and copious globs of hilarity! Stoked on blogging pumped!


nikcee said...

your lemmy style beard/tache both frightens and amuses me...

Matthew said...

this is excellent. and how have I only seen you once here? and what is lemmy?

rhystard said...

o hi!

sorry i didnt hang out and chat at the sprints, but i'm a weirdo and awkward corner tables scare me.

i would enjoy saying hello in a real place!

morgman said...

Your dad looks very satisfied after giving your van a once over.