Monday, February 23, 2009

History Lesson: Ringlé

Woweee.. Elite504 on Retrobike has posted a 6 part series showcasing development parts from Ringlé.

I'm not exactly sure what his association with Geoff Ringlé is, but I'm thankful he is able to showcase this little bit of boutique part development history. Ringlé was the most sought after name in MTB while I was growing up, and its great to see just what WASN'T released to the public in that era.

Ringle development parts series:
Trail Stem
Ti-Stix and Ti-bolt QR and Collar
AntiChainsuck Thing

Incredible. There's always so much to learn! I just LOVE the Moby post design, and the Grafton hubs:

Speaking of prototype development, check out these new Pedals from Terrible One:

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