Sunday, October 19, 2008


The Come Up kids may be hating on this vid, but I LOVE it.
Trials hops are pretty tough, and to combine them with street style is freakin ridiculous!
If this is the future of Trials, I'm stoked.

Danny Macaskill : Next level street trials from brainchild-films on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

i wanted to say something to explain how my mind has been blown but with my brain splattered across the room all i can think to come up with is: "GUH!..."

mander said...


morgman said...

First: Lyle, it's your fault if Nick hurts himself doing this on the 243. Second: I would also love to see trials go in this direction from the style-less rock bullshit that prevails.

Nick said...

Does that mean it's Morgan's fault if I hurt myself cyclocrossing on the .243?

gabrielamadeus said...

daaaaaamn. I tried to to some trials yesterday, now my shin is a few ounces lighter. This guy is fucking amazing.