Thursday, July 03, 2008

Traffic Chi Pig Measure

After a short walk to the store for some antihistamines, I came up with what seems to me like a brilliant idea for traffic control.

The traffic calming circles all over Vancouver's bike routes are great in some regards, and TERRIBLE in others. I know many cyclists that actually worry about circles due to driver behavior around them.

Of course, the most common problem is drivers going the wrong direction to make a left turn. Other problems include drivers stopping once entered, or just behaving erratically (Yugo syndrome).

Some streets have had bollards put in place beside the circle to restrict any East/West traffic, and the damage to the bollards proves that even steel posts won't stop people from thwarting traffic calming measures.

I has solution.

Let me introduce you to the PMG Manufacturing RB-36 Directional Traffic Controller.

Shit yeah!

If we just lay a few of these down in an X pattern of a roundabout, extending from the curb towards the centre, traffic will be as docile as a cow undergoing milking.

They don't even have to go all the way to the centre either. This way cyclists will still be able to pass through without fear of hooking a 700x21 tubular on the jagged teeth.

..and this just proves my theory that SNFU were way ahead of their time:

Slash my face with a rusty rake
It will be something that I deserve
It's not like I live on the street
It's not like I live in a war zone

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