Monday, September 17, 2007

Having an average weekend


Blew out N1ck's second Michelin Dynamic while sprinting up the hill after work on Friday. Changed over to Nashbar deathcommuter.

MC3 Hoon ride. I managed to pinchflat my back tire casing up some steps. The ride stopped and waited for me to patch it up. (Awwwwwwww <3 MC3)

I got about 200m further and blew out my front tire. I fell back quietly and fixed it..

Caught up with the ride at the Nautical Museum, and then went for late night burritos, followed by cartoons.

Saturday started out with some hazy Bon's action, not Project Bons mind you, but Bon's none the less. HeyHeyHey.

Then Rhiannon accompanied me on my commute to work. Yes, I was working on Saturday.

On the way up Gladstone, I saw a stroller rolling down the sidewalk, in the opposite direction as we climbed the hill, and it took a moment to register in my brain, and realize that the woman was back at the house 20m away. The carriage was picking up speed too, so I rode across the street, hopped the curb, rode beside it and grabbed the handle... then brought it to a halt.

The baby looked at me inquisitively.

That was weird.

Then after blowing up my laser at work, I hit the streets again to get some bike parts, and check out Haley's new triple triangle Polobike.

Later, I attended a screening of BMX bandits in Ranae's backyard. Pretty terrible movie to be honest. They can't all be rad. Rhiannon took it upon herself to embarass me for 'saving' that baby in peril. I love custom labels on alcohol.

Sunday Paul N hooked me up with an Intense Mag 30/ Ringle wheel to run for the Velomutations weekend. Wow. Intense is right!

The kittenchopper is all growed up now. Ready for serial hooning.
See you all next weekend =D


mander said...

No... fucking... way! You saved a runaway baby while biking? Lyle that's really something.

mander said...

OK I have to here more details. What was the mom doing? What did she say? Etc?

((lyledriver)) said...

The mom was quite frantic and yelling in Mandarin/broken english about how she had set the brake on the stroller. While staring at me she repeatedly stomped on the back axle brake mechanism to demonstrate. It didn't appear to latch. I think she thanked me, but it was kind of a blur. Once she took the handle of the stroller, I let go and rolled back onto the street. It took the next couple of blocks for me to calm down and stop laughing about what just occurred.

I don't think the baby was in that much danger. The stroller probably would have turned over as soon as it hit grass, and the street is pretty low traffic. Still, I was concerned about it running into one of the lamp posts.