Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well, not much on the updating tip. Its been sunny and hectic. My favorite B:C:Clette is back in town, and we've been riding quite a bit. There should be many pics but they're not on my camera.

After a minor rear hub issue, and subsequent waranty return, my Cunny is back on the road, and I'm laying down the brakeless miles again. My arms love it. My back is loving the Megatron lately, as Morgan pushes me to hop up more and more steps.

We're just getting prepped for the SHOW_USYR_BOBZ summer island loop right now. I've got a week to get the Bianchi roadworthy.

It needs:
-straight cranks (going back to my old 600s)
-new pedals (better hit the MEC service counter)
-Morgan's bullhorn nashbars (Sorry Jody, the Nitto's are nice, but have too small of an ID)
-a freewheel in case of injury (in place of my high gear)

I always feel like summer ends right after my birthday. Well, this year I'm determined to cram as much summer in as possible. By the way guys, thanks for the birthday concept ride.

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morgman said...

Go "Pastoral Symphony" concept ride! show-usyr-bobs is going to rawk.